Male Breast Reduction

At Zestige in London, male breast reduction is a common procedure for men to correct “man boobs.” The surgical technique is also referred to as male chest Reduction or Gynecomastia surgery and is a plastic surgery operation designed to remove the abnormal fat and, or breast tissue, commonly called Moobs or ‘Man Boobs’, to achieve a more natural male appearance of the chest. VASER Liposelection provides the most up-to-date procedure for a natural result.

Male chest reduction, or male Breast reduction, is performed to reduce the size of the abnormal breast development to normal. Gynaecomastia surgery is carried out to improve body shape and self-image enabling you to wear the clothes you want. Male Chest Reduction is performed to restore a more natural male appearance to the chest.


The operation is performed under a general anaesthetic and usually takes about an hour. Your gynaecomastia surgeon will make a cut around the nipple and sometimes a vertical cut underneath. They will remove some of the breast tissue and skin. Sometimes liposuction is performed to remove excess fat.

If your breasts are big, your surgeon may also need to make a cut in the crease under the breast (infra-mammary fold). This will leave an anchor-shaped scar.If your breasts are large or droopy, your surgeon may need to completely detach your nipple and areola before replacing them at a higher position.

Your surgeon will usually place small tubes (drains) in the cuts to help the wounds to heal. They will usually close the cuts with dissolvable stitches, leaving the drains in place. Finally, your breasts will be wrapped in supporting bandages.





In preparation for the surgery, you may be asked to make a few lifestyle changes. These may include giving up smoking, eating healthier and exercising.




After the operation your breasts will look discoloured and feel firm and swollen. You should be able to go home within a day. However, your doctor may recommend that you stay longer. Remember, you will not be able to drive home after your operation.

The bandages can be removed after a few days and you should be able to return to work after the first week. For the first three weeks after the operation, don’t lift anything heavy or do heavy manual work. Most men resume normal activities within two to three weeks.

You can expect to see noticeable results after 6 months, however signs of improvement are visible after the first month.

Some possible complications may include bleeding after surgery, minor infection in the surgical wound, scarring of the skin, lumps or swelling inside the breast, numbness or persistent pain on the outer part of your breast. Any pain or numbness usually settles after a few weeks. You will be given thorough advice before and after the surgery to minimise any possible complications.

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