Liam Livingstone

England Cricketer

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Liam Livingstone

Liam Livingstone is a world-class cricketer who plays for England and other well-known franchises. His ball-striking ability makes him a sought-after cricketer on the international stage.

Liam had never been happy with his hairline. He felt his hairline was too far back and the hair on the top of his head was too thin.

The treatment required was a FUE hair transplant to bring forward and fill in his frontal region and secondly, Zestige’s own prescriptive hair retention programme. This would ensure to address Liam’s concerns and give an optimal, natural-looking result.

He had a one-day procedure where hair follicles were carefully removed from the back of his head and placed meticulously at the areas of hair loss to match the direction and angulation of Liam’s natural hairs. The entire procedure was carried out under local anaesthetic so Liam was awake but never experiencing any discomfort.

Liam’s result

When he first came to Zestige, Liam was on the fringe of being an international cricketer. Since his treatment at Zestige, his confidence has sky-rocketed and this has been reflected in the up-ward path his career has taken. Liam is ever-grateful to his fellow England cricketers for recommending that he come to Zestige. Commenting on his result, Liam feels that his decision to have a hair transplant has been life-changing, “I have a full head of my own hair, smashed it!”.

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