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Lewis Wing

Lewis Wing is an English professional footballer. He is 26 years old.

After experiencing a severe recession in the frontal hairline and thinning through the mid-scalp, Lewis was recommended to Zestige Private Healthcare by fellow teammates who had previously had treatment. He was aware that Zestige follows WADA protocols professional athletes must comply with.

Being a professional footballer, his head of hair was often commented on and it had been a long-term concern.

The core objective of his treatment plan was to attain a long-term perspective of his hair health and overall head of hair. This meant the key procedure was to restore his current hairline to a historic natural hairline but also retain the rest of his native hair.

Aside from the receding hairline and the thinning mid-scalp region, Lewis had good density of hair in the rest of his head. Therefore, it is important to achieve good density in the frontal hairline so that both the transplanted area and his native hair blended seamlessly.

The procedure involved for Lewis was an FUE hair transplant and he was subsequently prescribed Zestige’s own hair retention programme.

Lewis’ Result

18 months later, Lewis has experienced a thick, full head of hair and is delighted with his result.

Commenting on the success of his hair restoration, Lewis said, “my hair looks mint, I love it. I feel so much better and don’t need to worry about awkward-angled photos.”

Since his hair restoration procedure, Lewis went on to become a key player and Middlesborough Football Club and managed to secure going on-loan to Sheffield Wednesday.

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