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James Vince

After experiencing hair loss in the frontal hairline James Vince decided to visit the Zestige Private Healthcare for an initial consultation.

Meeting one of our specialists he had an opportunity to learn about the FUE hair transplant process and felt confident that having the procedure could really help him get back to where he was before his hair loss.

One year later we met up with James to find out how his life has changed since his procedure.

We recently caught up with James, a 30-year-old English Cricketer. We wanted to hear about his experience with the Zestige Private Healthcare, see how the procedure has impacted his life and most importantly, take a look at his hair transplant results.

Being an international cricketer James knew it was important that he looked his best at all times, he expressed that every man wants good hair, no matter where they live. James has a busy lifestyle playing for the country as well as Hampshire County Cricket Club along with other massive leagues such as PSL, Big Bash, etc. a lot of time with but also cares about his appearance and looking his best.

James first noticed he was losing his hair around the age of 26, he first noticed that the front of his hair was thinning but at the time he was able to style it in a clever way so that his thinning hair went unnoticed.

Before visiting us at the Zestige Private Healthcare, James had a consultation at a clinic that offered the FUT or ‘strip’ hair transplant procedure. After realising this could leave him with a scar at the back of the scalp, something that would be quite hard to disguise James called off his hair transplant search as he did not want to go down that route.

A few years on James had seen that a few people in his area had undergone FUE hair transplant treatment, he said that it had become more acceptable for a man to have a hair transplant and he booked in for a consultation with us. During the consultation, James had an in-depth discussion about the treatment, how it works and, what results he could expect, and he realised FUE was the right treatment for him.

James’s Result

James’s treatment was performed over 1 day, and his hair was transplanted by one of our experienced doctors to achieve a natural and full looking hairline. He expressed that he didn’t feel any pain throughout the procedure as the area was numb, something many patients worry about.

Although James saw himself as a confident person and didn’t feel as if his hair loss was holding him back when he began to see his results he felt more confident than ever. Straight after his procedure, he could see where the hair had been transplanted, giving him an idea of what his hair will look like, and after a few months he could see his amazing results.

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