Chris Durbin

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Chris Durbin

Chris Durbin is an area manager for several retail stores in the UK. He was 25 and had noticed that his frontal hairline was receding rapidly; in the meantime, his crown had started thinning. His hair was always a serious concern, which led to a lack of confidence. 

Chris was introduced to Zestige Private Healthcare by his father. He came looking for a long term solution for his head and general health. We invited him for an in-person consultation to discuss the most effective treatment plan. Our main objective was to restore his receding hairline seamlessly whilst also obtaining density in the crown region. 

Chris received an FUE hair transplant procedure in January 2021. We transplanted 2048 grafts to replicate the same hair density across the whole head. He was placed on Zestige's hair retention programme immediately after surgery. 

Chris' Result 

Within a timeframe of 7 months, Chris noticed that his frontal hairline and crown were restored entirely. 

Our attention to detail and experience ensured that Chris got the result he wanted. Commenting on the outcome, Chris felt that his experience couldn't have gone any better, "I feel like the real me, and I have so much more confidence, I appreciate everything Zestige has done."

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